Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upon Reading Matthew 6:34

"For the Asking"

Like a millet stone hung 'round the neck,
Fear and hopelessness tax heavily,
They take more than a fair share.

Old habits and old vices,
Old doubts with new consequences,
All's back to the way you left it.

It's just like the last time and the time before
When you swore you wouldn't be returning
When you were certain your will could sustain.

What's it you're relying upon?
An eye that cannot see, an ear that cannot hear,
A proud heart unwilling to admit you've been licked.

Why not trade your weakness for a greater strength?
Why not place your faith in His perfect love and higher ways?
Hasn't your Father done much more for much lesser things?

by: j.p.burns

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Contemplating Psalm 23

"Black Dog"

Black Dog done come round here
showin' big teeth and yellow eyes,
smell of things got bad,
him must got mange.

"Shoo mutt," I says
"If I done say once,
I done say a thousand times
y'ain't wanted none t'all."

Black Dog don't move,
no him don't budge,
him just howl
like nothin' right.

Up round bend come Deputy
in his big white truck,
wearin' his fine white shirt,
bright shined star an' all.

Deputy blast his horn,
loud 'nough my teeth do shake,
Black Dog, tail 'tween legs,

"Now see here," says Deputy,
"Sheriff dun told ya 
steer clear that mutt,
don't mess with that beast!"

"Sheriff says ya only need holler
when Black Dog come barkin',
Sheriff fix him real good,
Ain't no trouble, ya hear."

I know Deputy right,
Sheriff's fixed it plenty time before,
but I oft' forget
or swell up with too much pride.

Why for Sheriff gonna come round here?
Why for Sheriff gonna care?
"Sheriff's a busy man
with bigger fish to fry."

Deputy just low his glasses,
"Sheriff's a busy man a'right,
but Sheriff make time for ya
always has, always will."

by: j.p.burns